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David (digi*@*

I’ve come to flying RC airplanes very late in life and must say it’s one of the best things I’ve done in my life. The amount of tremendous people I’ve met is staggering… in both

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Eldon Crossett (eldo*@*

I am a high schooler (in 9th grade) who was introduced to the hobby through your videos. My father is a pilot of small aircraft, and also was interested in model aircraft. His legacy of

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Lewis Tripaldi (eiwe*@*

I am a retired male living on a fixed income. My fixed income limits the things I can do to enjoy myself.Being able to build and fly my own models has helped to maintain peace

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Patrick Martin (Me4M*@*

For many generations this has been hobby to bring families and like minded people together in a wholesome, safe environment to experience the many aspects of the simple joy of flight. This has been done

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Jack Ott (jo42*@*

I am writing in response to the FAA’s notice of proposed rulemaking on remote identification of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).<span style="border:none windowtext 1.0pt;mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0in; padding:0in"></span> On December 26, the FAA released a proposed rule

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Dan Francis (dan.*@*

I’ve been flying for 30+ years. I’ve flown with parents, grandparents, my own kids, friends kids, and total strangers who have walked up. Everyone has an interest in flying model aircraft. Why would we limit

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Brian McBurney (tenc*@*

I have always been interested in flight, my father is a CFI as well as a career airline pilot for American Airlines, but the expense and complexities of aviation were out of my reach until

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Jake Sheffield (tsut*@*

My grandfather and I fly and he is beginning to build FliteTest planes. I worry that remote ID will impact his ability on a fixed income to fly as well as mine. This is a

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Bernard Miner (howz*@*

It appears that the issues have been brought forth by the multi rotor drones . The fixed wing aircraft enjoy an excellent record. The two should not be lumped together.

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Luke Trout (trou*@*

I aspire to be a commercial pilot. I have built a home cockpit and I have been blessed with many pilots who have entered me into the world of aviation. I now am an AMA

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Daniel Zawerton (dzaw*@*

My Name is Danny Zawerton,I began flying RC planes and collective pitch helicopters in 1989, I have been a part of this amazing hobby for over 30 years.I am not sure how to “tell” my

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