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Challenge, camaraderie with fellow flyers, focus on projects. Weight exemptions should be over 20 pounds and long range crafts.

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Seth Crawford (seth*@*

I have been a flight enthusiast my entire life, although I have only given RC a try within the past year. I have always enjoyed tinkering and especially enjoy the design and innovation aspect the

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Wayne Wagner (wayn*@*

My story begins with my Grandfather. He and my father sparked my interest in aviation. My Grandfather flew B-29’s in the 39th Bomber Group in WWII. His crew actually flew the weather mission for Nagasaki.

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Robert Reynolds (rrey*@*

I have had a life long obsession with flight of all kinds, and the ability to build something and fly it. The fascination has carried over to my son who is currently attending flight school.

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Daryll Smith (dpsm*@*

I grew up flying R/C aircraft with my dad. We kit-built many airplanes and early-day helicopters. I also raced 1/10 scale cars (both on road and off road) while my family grew up (wife and

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Lee Berger (berg*@*

I am mostly into recreational FFV Freestyle flying but also do mapping and photography for work (construction). I am from Canada and did aquire both my basic and advanced pilot certificate from transport Canada and

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Adam Vicknair (adam*@*

Building and flying multirotor aircraft has changed my life immensely for the better. After making some progress in the hobby I began to gain sense of freedom and confidence that I hadn’t ever felt and

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Frank Rowell (fran*@*

The model aircraft hobby challenges me in that there is always something to learn. I like airplanes. I like flying them remotely. I like the fellowship that a model aircraft club provides. I see no

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Building and flying FPV racing quads has made me who I am. I can attribute most of my career choice to the fun and what I learned from building quads. Soldering, general problem solving, electronics,

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