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Jesse Casto (duke*@*ail.com)

I’m still fairly new to flying drones, but what few months I’ve been flying I have since already found a new group of great friends. All fellow drone enthusiasts, our group encourages each other in

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Josh (josh*@*o.co.uk)

Hello, my name is Josh. I began flying FPV quadcopters just over a year ago, this hobby has taught me so much that I would never have learnt in school. E.g. How to properly solder,

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Recreational activity that brings enjoyment and provides relief from a stressful IT Professional job. FPV provides a flying experience that is closest to flying full scale without the cost or risk of life when a

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I am a former full-scale pilot, and quite honestly, got ‘into’ aviation via flying models as a kid. And OK, when I was a kid, it was control line, as RC technology did not yet

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Roy (roy.*@*ail.com)

Ive been flying rc for 20 years and it is a fantastic hobby! Ive seen 80 year old people standing right next 10 year olds enjoying the thing together. By inflicting all the extra hoops

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Michael Hutt (clnf*@*ail.com)

Flying gives me a way to deal with the anxiety that I deal with daily. Teaching young students to build and fly gives them a chance to to create something using multiple skills (soldering, wiring,

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Liam Batanides (lbat*@*ail.com)

I’m not even an adult yet. I fly responsibly and safely and have never had an accident with myself or anyone else because I’m so safe. Taking this away from me would be a harm

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Jason Smalling (jaso*@*ail.com)

Flying FPV race and freestyle drones gives me freedom. I have learned how to build, code and tune these drones whole staying safe and responsible. These new regulations will not keep the amateur from buying

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