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Michael Gonzales (mich*@*

I’m a senior undergrad student at the University of North Texas. I fear that added restrictions will bring unnecessary burdens, of all sorts, to the effectiveness of university students seeking to be innovative with flight

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Martin (kawk*@*

I love to fly fixed wing models. I have been flying since 1978. Had a great teacher that not only taught me to fly but stressed safety and respect for other flyers. Now the FAA

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Jeff Yoder (jffr*@*

I have been interested in rc flight most of my life, but it was only in recent years that I found the hobby to be affordable and within reach. This was due mostly to being

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Bob Alexander (boba*@*

I love to fly. Flight has always been in my life. From an early age I was exposed to aircraft as my dad was an aircraft mechanic and pilot. I always had a strong desire

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Model flying gives me the chance to make and enjoy something I’ve made, my planes. It lets me create new ideas and test them out, to explore the world of flight that would otherwise be

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Captain Art (767C*@*

My interest in aviation started with models at an early age. I am now a Captain and 35 year veteran of United Airlines with over 25,000 hours and I still fly models. There are more

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William (Rick)

William (Rick) Lingenfelter (rick*@*

I love to fly all forms of model aircraft, from racing multi-rotors using FPV, to sailplanes, from helicopters to aerobatic fixed wing, from scale to experimental, from ready-made store-bought models to scratch built. My club

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Harold Musick (fred*@*

I have been flying line of sight rc aircraft for 47 years, NEVER HAD OR NEEDED REGULATED by big brother….EVER! Is all this remote ID to clear the way for Billion Dollar Companys to deliver

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T Smith (real*@*

I am mostly a solo park flyer and adding restrictions would cause me to probably drop the hobby. I picked up a rtf model so I could get out and fly and learn. I follow

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