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James Lewis (jim.*@*

I’m 71 years old and have been active in the hobby since 1955. Have flown everything from free flight, control line (gas), RC airplanes also gas and now RC Scale electric helicopters 450 size and

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Rajiv Iyer (rcma*@*

I have been flying model aircraft for 40 years. I fly at al. Locations, clubs, parks, rural locations, etc. I have NEVER seen, or encountered any safety issues in all that time. I fly safely

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Jim Hngst (jjhi*@*

I got started with RC because I like to build models. Building a model from scratch or kit make it personal that I built the plane I can also fly it. I can still remmember

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Brett Leinmiller (blei*@*

I’ve been building and flying for over 30 years. My father and other family members flew before me. I have planes handed down from the man that taught me to fly. I’ve always flown fixed

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Ability to have fun & relaxed area. I live miles from any population. Have acrs of open land. These new rules would stop me from flying. I like the freedom that is now in place.

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Nolan Burke (Piel*@*

I am a hobbyist who flies fixed-wing model aircraft. I believe this legislation would be unnecessarily restrictive on the model aircraft hobby, which has operated for decades alongside along manned aviation. I do not believe

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Flying RC is hobby I’ve enjoyed for many years and have taught others to fly. Safety has always been the most important factor in flying. It’s a great hobby and fosters experimentation and innovation. The

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Flying R/C is both an avenue for innovation and personal relaxation and a teaching tool. Young people start in the hobby because it’s “ cool to do” then begin to develop ideas and learn physical

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I grew up building and flying model airplanes with my dad. To me it is more than just a hobby. This lifestyle is a path of education, people, and creation. R/C airplanes provided an introduction

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