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I’m 60+, stroke survivor and this hobby has saved me from deep depression. In addition as a stoke survivor it is even more important for me to keep my brain challenged. For me it is

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Reuben (kesl*@*msn.com)

I have alway enjoyed everything flight related free flight, RC, powered and sail and am looking forward getting onto aerial photography provided it doesn’t get regulated to death. For me this hobby has been a

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Phil Dotchon (phil*@*hon.com)

Flying is an escape from work and personal stress that motivates me daily, it’s something that I use mentally as an aid to looking past frustrating or depressing events. It is a creative process, designing,

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Kevin Lynch (lync*@*ail.com)

It’s been a hobby and passion since I was a young child. My father was an Air Force Pharmacist and I joined with the hope of flying, but could not meet the eyesight requirements (mid

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Model aircraft and fpv has changed my life. I have only been interested in the hobby for about 6 months and spend most days doing something related. These proposed changes would extremely limit my ability

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Building and flying model airplanes was always part of my technical curiosity and dreams of being a real pilot. It has brought endless fun, memories and laughter.

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Elvedin Zdionica (elve*@*ail.com)

Flying to me is everything, since my childhood I’ve always wanted to fly an aircraft designed and built by me. The idea of designing, building, testing and flying my own airplanes was always present but

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David Delay (davi*@*ail.com)

I always wanted to fly R/C aircraft as a hobby. I was introduced to soaring and gas powered planes as a child. Once I had the means to do so, I entered the multi-rotor hobby,

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John Watkins (jwat*@*ore.com)

Although not as well-known as Neil Armstrong or Burt Rutan, I am one of those who have had much greater career success as a result of designing, building, and flying model aircraft. The skills and

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