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Joseph Baluran (jbal*@*

Making sclae model and flying it is my way to relax amd vent out my frustrations in life if this new “regulations/law” is approved it will heavily affect my life as well since this is

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Corbin (corb*@*

I am trying to get into electrical engineering and a big part of that is being able to have the experience of building and flying your own aircraft. It has brought be a lot of

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Dave Mez (dave*@*

This is more than a hobby, or a business, it will become a tool in our way of life. We will become smarter, safer and healthier with the use of drone tech in our personal

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Ryan Clawson (ryan*@*

It’s a way to escape and have fun, almost like an out of body experience when flying FPV. Building and learning is also a lot of the fun – not simply buying an already complete

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This will fall upon the already compliant and law abiding and do nothing to stop/deter/prevent the reckless operators. I will create yet another costly bureaucracy. Doubtful that the technology will work anyway. The financial burden

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Kevin Shaw (ksha*@*

I have been scratch building and flying model airplanes since my childhood. I learned from my father, who learned from his father. Now, I have the privilege of teaching my 2 sons to build and

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C R (chee*@*

Flying is a hobby for me just like RC cars. It is what I do to relive stress. All these new rules would be a burden on a lot of hobby pilots!

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Mark Tedrick (mark*@*

It’s my way of exploring flight. I don’t really have the ability gain a pilot’s license so this is the closest I can get. I have made the best of memories with my friends because

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