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FPV drones are the greatest tool for education that has ever existed. Now the FAA is looking to ban kids from building their own drones so someone can have their shampoo delivered by a drone.

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I work commercially at an FAA designated UAS test site and have found that the remote ID requirements are overly restrictive and currently unnecessary from an airspace safety perspective.

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I started flying quadcopters in 2016 after watching a video uploaded to youtube. The video showed two fpv drones, both lit with l.e.d.s ; flying through some woods. After that video I knew this hobby

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ben kirk (beni*@*hoo.com)

i’ve been fly model planes safly for almost 30 years. no problums at all. we should “self regulate” our own hobby. the only thing the Fedral Goverment will do is over regulate and “kill” this

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J Gould (jare*@*.net.au)

I fly almost exclusively racing drones/quads. FPV flight (in a manually controlled device) is like the realisation of the futuristic dream I had as a child to be able to fly, and experience the world

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Herb Moore (hmoo*@*ape.com)

I’m 72 years old and I have been flying remote control model aircraft for years. I firmly believe, except for flying BLOS, everything is safe and good as is.

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Adam Terry (RCwi*@*ail.com)

MY STORY Hi! My name is Adam Terry. I’m 25. I got started in the radio controlled aircraft hobby in late summer of 2016, right after graduating from an Aircraft Maintenance Technician program with my

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Tim Livingston (tbli*@*att.net)

I started flying in 2016 as a replacement for getting my private pilot license. This has brought me a lot joy, freedom, stress relief and new skills. I throughly enjoy building and flying both quads

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A. Brooks (prop*@*ail.com)

Short simple I go by abvevo in our community. I’m a licensed part107, aff (classc) and ultralight pilot. I’ve been in the aviation community for 15 years and I can currently fly my ultralight with

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