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, Indiana

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2020-02-15 19:59:57
“I aspire to be a commercial pilot. I have built a home cockpit and I have been blessed with many pilots who have entered me into the world of aviation. I now am an AMA member and proud. But now only a couple years after being introduced, my planes I have built are on under siege. I hate to see the clubs go down like this. For people like me in the Midwest, all of these technological advances will take years to catch on to. It really will kill the hobby where I live and around my area. I’d love to have a gps on my plane but it would be next to impossible where we are with internet and other problems. I know the FAA will figure out a compromise with us pilots. I hope they take into consideration all of our concerns. We are not against the FAA, we are ready to work with them, with you.”