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I’m only 15 but fpv is a great part of my life making me a smarter better person,I believe restrictions should only be applied to drones such as phantoms and Mavic’s because anyone could fly

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K (katc*@*ail.com)

I began flying as something to do with my boyfriend. I instantly fell in love with the freedom that flying gave me. My Grandfather was a pilot for the Canadian Government, but due to my

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Larry Eckerley (llec*@*ier.com)

I have been flying since the mid 70’s, always in an AMA club. I am a contest director and a leader member for the AMA. I flown airplanes from scratch built to RTF and prefer

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Graeme Hackett (grae*@*ail.com)

I travel for work and it is difficult to find regulation fields to fly at. Safe flying under 200 ft should not require remote ID. Commercial drones should be put in the 200 – 400

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Erik (erik*@*ail.com)

Flying a model aircraft is a joy that stretches all the way back to my childhood when my grandfather and I built little foam gliders. It’s hard to explain the feeling of building something and

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Peter Newman (p.r.*@*one.net)

I am a life-long model aircraft builder, flyer and competitor based in the UK. I do not fly “drones” only traditional model aircraft but my objection applies to all hoobyist UAS. My primary concern is

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I got into the hobby of flying fpv drones in 2016. I was always into the rc hobby since i was 10 years old im now currently 21. Its always been a part of my

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The only time a drone should be impacted is when it flies over the height restriction or in a restricted area. All others would be considered recreational flight. All must abide by current restrictions. People

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We do not need or want government supervision in our hobby. The growth of the “big brother” attitude in government is out of control, and the addition of regulation is unnecessary. This is just another

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David G (ldgl*@*msn.com)

I love the hobby it is my passion and i am scared that will be taken away. I am a responsible adult who flys for fun away from people whenever possible. the building creation and

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C C (4480*@*ail.com)

I found FPV almost 6 years ago (long story). I was in recovery and extremely depressed. This hobby truly helped me through the first year of being sober and is still a big part of

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