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I am the mechanical lead for my universities UAV team that participates inter university competitions. FAA will be setting a standard other countries will copy, I cannot test fly any gear that is over 250g,

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Just FPV (just*@*est.com)

Fpv, rc, ground and air crafts have a special place in my life. I’ve grown up with them as a hobby since I was 12 yes old. At 14 I was competitively racing RC cars

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Noah (blks*@*hoo.com)

Im an aircraft mechanic and love aviation. Flying drones has helped me cope with ptsd after my military service by giving me something that requires focus and attentiveness and making it easier to talk to

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Flying has been my anti anxiety. I have severe panic disorders and social anxiety. Due to the community I have been able to overcome my social anxiety quite a bit. My panic attacks have gotten

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Jordan Temkin (jote*@*ail.com)

I’ve been flying fpv since around 2013, now I do agree that some locations shouldn’t be flown, such as public parks. But most of those places we are not suppose to fly already have laws

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Sets my head straight – leisurely flights through the forest and mountainous areas are peaceful and helps alleviate the stresses we are surrounded with.

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Jennifer Minas (jenn*@*fpv.com)

FPV (First Person View Drones) is not just a hobby for me, nor is it just my full time business. To me, FPV is the perfect opportunity to change the way in which children learn

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I am a 54 year old male with a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin (also BSME and MSME from U of Ark and U of Texas respectively). I am currently employed and

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John Cagle (John*@*hoo.Com)

One of the things that bring happiness into my life is building, modifying and operating radio controlled vehicles and aircraft; It always has. It’s relaxing, therapeutic and indeed educational to myself and it allows me

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Jamie B. (jhbu*@*hoo.com)

Flying matters to me because it is my time to be creative and let all the stress of normal day to day stressors go away. This hobby has given me a reason and a purpose

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DR H (drho*@*ail.com)

I have been fascinated with airplanes and flying since I was about 9 years old. ( I am now 76). I built my first control line airplane out of balsa and thread to the handle

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