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Michael Vasapoli (mvas*@*ast.net)

I grew up admiring a scale model of the USS Constitution made by my great Uncle. This interest made me become an avid model builder and recreational RC pilot for many decades. I grew up

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Just retired and getting back into RC after a 25 year hiatus. Flying FPV quads. Enjoy building from parts acquired online.

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Joshua Davis (jqda*@*ail.com)

I recently began my journey learning about FPV drone piloting. It’s not a inexpensive hobby and I am in the process of seeing if this is the right fit for me. I see a practical

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Brent Helgoth (bahe*@*aol.com)

Building and flying model airplanes is a giant stress reliever for me. It is what I do to unwind. I have a home in the country with acreage and often will just go outside and

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Samuel Betak (buzz*@*ail.com)

I love flying, building and repairing drones, I have learned how to solder and repair electronics in this FPV hobby. I would be disappointed if the hobby gets cancelled

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Bob Ross (bros*@*ail.com)

More regulation is not the answer. There is currently almost no enforcement of the existing rules. More regulation will penalize the existing flyers, and it will not stop those that choose to ignore the rules.

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John Brannen (j.br*@*hoo.com)

I have been flying mostly model airplanes for 40+ years and always line-of-sight. For line of sight operations the location of the pilot is pretty easily identifiable. I build most of my models from scratch

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Most of my childhood I grew up on an airport. My parents usually took me and my brother to the airport because both of them use to be skydivers. Since I could remember I’ve always

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