, Baldwinsville

, New York

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-15 20:21:32
“I have always been interested in flight, my father is a CFI as well as a career airline pilot for American Airlines, but the expense and complexities of aviation were out of my reach until I found the affordable scratch-built FT aircraft. My father and I reconnected after a rough patch between us due, in part, to model aviation. I remember distinctly the maiden flight of one of the aircraft I had build and my dad came along and coached me through taxi, takeoff, and landings. Since then he’s given me 1.5 hours of dual instruction in a Cessna 172, and advised me in both my RC endeavors and my efforts in building a full scale aircraft, a Corben Junior Ace. I currently have the right wing panel half-assembled in my garage. Another work colleague and I bonded over shared RC glider experiences and he accompanied me to FliteFest East 2017 where he learned about drones and ended up buying an Autel X-star for himself. My brother and I also have gotten to spend quality time together assembling from foamboard and testing his own ideas for aircraft designs. I have since gifted him my old HobbyZone Champ and radio so he can start down the path to his own RC enjoyment.”
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