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Scott York (slyr*@*

The FPV community I see are well educated and responsible people. These people are trying to become part of the community and are flying in vacant areas not going any higher than the tree line.

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I am an alcoholic and ever since I have been sober flying has been my main source of escape, release, and relaxation. It has quite literally saved my life. These proposed restrictions will kill the

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I have Rheumatic Heart Fever. I quit soccer because of this condition. FPV helped me find that thrill for movement and action again

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Rex Harris (rexd*@*

For people who love aviation, R/C aircraft has the means to allow ordinary people the enjoyment of flight without the financial burden (or health concerns that may prohibit) that which comes with full scale aircraft.

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Phil Franco (pcfr*@*

This hobby has brought me and my brothers together! It gives us something we are all interested in and allows us to compete against each other, to see who has the lightest, fastest, and most

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Zack Methvin (meth*@*

I will NEVER comply with any of this NPRM garbage! Flying my model R/C fixed wing airplanes has never hurt anyone or property and it never will because I am a safe and responsible flyer!

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