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Exclude hobby pilots from new regulations. Increase weight limit so small UAVs are excluded. New regulations should target commercial UAVs. I fly FPV quads at a local part when there are no people around. There

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I feel the FAA can come out with confusing statements especially to younger kids like me. It also hurts us because it adds more complexity to flying and a bigger financial issue

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James Bridge (jame*@*ail.com)

I’m an engineering student and an aerospace enthusiasts, I even became a hang glider pilot when I encountered hurdles getting my GA license. I a way, flying drones and model aircraft is the only way

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Phil Paramore (phil*@*ail.com)

I have been flying since I was a young boy. The knowledge skill and abilities I have formed over the years are priceless. I want the sport to be accessible to as many people as

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Mark W (mwai*@*hoo.com)

Remote id is a useless government overreach that won’t improve safety. It would ground me, a safe and conscientious pilot, because I won’t remote id. It is a violation of privacy and the stripping of

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Bobby B (BB@p*@*els.com)

I recently had an ROTC rocketry/drone competition and we were having trouble getting into the air because of a no-fly zone that was implemented. It made me realize that if these regulations go into effect,

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Levi Burgmeier (levi*@*ail.com)

As a 16year old flyer, this helps me understand aviation and concepts about flying. Adding regulations would make the hobby hard for starters like future generations and just people that want to start. Rc is

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This entire faa plan is another shameful example of special interest groups manipulating government offices for control to their benefit.

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Peter Brown (fanl*@*ail.com)

I build my own flying models of all types. Some of my models last for years but many are broken and or cannibalized to build new models after only a few short flights. The proposed

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