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Scott Eshelman (sesh*@*lle.edu)

I became interested in flying model aircraft at age eleven. I distinctly remember watching airplanes at the airport across from my grandparents house and dreaming about sending a radio controlled model up. I started with

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Gary Oostman (gaoo*@*ast.net)

Building and flying rc aircraft is a great joy to me. To be able to take some paper, foam and wood ect. glue it together and if all your math is correct see your aircraft

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Michael Upton (Mich*@*ail.com)

From a Aerospace/Aviation family. Have been a paying member of AMA, not current since Hurricane Harvey, was/am prepared to rejoin last year then this regulation stuff started to look like it’s really going to eliminate

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Nich (spam*@*ail.com)

I’m in Australia, but what the US does will have a huge impact on world-wide regulations. I’ve had camera drones for years, and these were fun, but the existing australian regulations (30m away from people,

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Seth Patton (seth*@*ail.com)

My flying is the rewarding edge of a much larger hobby. Gathering the knowledge to design, plan, build, and configure aircraft, primarily fpv drones, has led to numerous skills and social connections. I have become

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Bernard George (bgeo*@*ail.com)

Always wanted to fly. I’ve built models, planes, cars etc since I was about 12 years old. Save pocket money & go buy kits. Later in life I saw Bruce Simpsons YouTube channel. I bought

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Monte Dudgeon (mont*@*one.com)

I stared my drone business the day I took the FAA Part 107 exam almost 3.5 years ago. Flying drones IS my life now and so many of these proposed regulations (if not changed) would

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