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Philip Hinkle (frog*@*

I have always loved aviation and started flying RC because it was what I could afford. RC gives me the chance to be a pilot at a cost that is not excessive. RC often becomes

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Model Planes are part of my family identity, please help us to preserve it. My family has been involved in Model making and Flying Since the 1930s. It’s a family tradition that extends from my

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MJ (mjsa*@*

I grew up with aviation in my blood. One grandfather owned and flew an Aeronca Chief and the other a Moonie. Even my father always had some aviation tie with ultralights and hang gliders. I

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Joe Palmer (Jose*@*

I have made some very good friends since getting into this hobby. almost daily my kids ask me if we are going to build airplanes or go fly my airplanes. My son is super excited

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Jim Strawn (jstr*@*

I’ve been involved in aviation all of my life. Grew up at the EAA Fly in in Oshkosh. Got a degree in aerospace engineering. Worked at a major aircraft OEM for 35 years. Flown RC

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Josh Finn (josh*@*

My family have been involved in model and full scale aviation since the early 1930s. In that time the FAA has become a byword in our lives for regulations which add little to no benefit

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Oliver N (olli*@*

I have flown without incident for more than 40 years. I often fly sailplanes and occasionally electric models. I fly mostly at parks which allow models to operate because, quite simply, flying sites in my

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Nick Z (nick*@*

Building & designing things is a major way for me to decompress. Having a way to let the stressors of life blow away is important. I have a family and a full-time job and my

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