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I’m new to the hobby. It’s how I relax and what I do for enjoyment. I’ve invested a Significant amount of money and would find new unnecessary rules a burden. I fly in a remote

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Iv loved flight since I was a child And I think all people should be able to enjoy there hobby’s ,interests and life without government interference at every level.

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This will destroy the ability to fly hobby RC/FPV drones, planes, and other aircraft. This is a HOBBY for 99% of people, and unless you are part of the 1% that can make money flying

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Flying has been in my family for decades. It has been the reason I have seen many areas of our country through competition. I have used model airplanes for educational purposes which inspired some to

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Bryan Maynard (ther*@*ail.com)

I am a one hundred percent permanent and totally disabled veteran. Building from scratch and flying multi rotors has saved my life. Before this hobby I tried to commit suicide several because I saw no

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Dustin Dudley (ddud*@*ght.com)

Flitetest foam, That is how I got my start like many others. It was cheap user built flying fun. Over the last 8 years my family and I have built many multi rotors , balsa

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Travis Haugen (thau*@*bal.net)

As a dad with a busy family time is limited. Smaller, simpler foam board style electric DIY model airplanes are what we have time for. $130, an afternoon or two (read the attention span of

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Ed (ecla*@*ail.com)

I grew up in a family of pilots and aircraft owners both Full size aircraft and Model aircraft and as such I am also a SEL licensed pilot with a Tail wheel endorsement. Growing up

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Rob Risinger (rw1r*@*ail.com)

Working with children from low income families on hobbies that excite and draw them to different aspects of fixed wing, rotary wing, space related fields. I’m a disabled veteran with a very fixed income who

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Dave Austin (accu*@*att.net)

I will be retiring soon and was looking forward to expanding my model building and flying on a fixed income due to the reasonable costs involved. The financial burdens proposed are a severe impediment to

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David Johnson (dj@a*@*rgos.vu)

I used to fly with my father who was a flight engineer with TWA flying 747s in the late 1960s and early 70s. I got into building and flying fpv quad copters July 2019. My

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