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Mike Scharf (mich*@*@gmx.at)

In the beginning i flown a Glider at the age of 10, but i lost interest in it somehow quickly… started with Remote Cars in the age of around 14, and got back to Flying

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I’m working Mo-Fr 8.15AM-6.45PM. Flying is relax for me and escape from hard reality. Not flying much because of time, so only at weekend. Sometimes my machines need some repairs, but I have very little

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André Vølen (avol*@*ail.com)

As I live on an island får away from the city, there is no aviation club, very bad cellular coverage, but lots of wonderful nature. Family footage is taken to a new level with my

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Philip V (phil*@*msn.com)

During an extremely stressful time in my life, flying has become a way for me to relax and feel free. It some that has brought my father and I closer together, and it is something

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R. C. Pilot (stev*@*ail.com)

Been flying for nearly 35 years and in this time I have never heard of any incident regarding rc models. Hysteria has gripped several nations and any unexplained apparent incident is now reported to be

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MRFPV (rodg*@*ail.com)

I’ve been flying fixed wings for 40+ years and drones “quadcopters” for the past 10 years where ive enjoyed learning and helping others learn about the engineering involved in building and flying. Fixed wing has

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