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Kevin Hanes (kwhp*@*aol.com)

Did making drugs illegal fix any problems? Sure it made drugs punishable but it didn’t make anything better. This is only one example of the government interfering with civilian interest because large business wants to

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Tommy Boy (tbom*@*ail.com)

Flying RC and especially FPV has changed my life for the better. New friends and planes are what I live for and the freedom to fly and explore is what makes live worth living. If

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James Tuttle (jtut*@*cox.net)

I have been building and flying first control line and then radio control model aircraft for many years and hope to pass on to my grand kids and any other young or older person the

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Jon Hooper (hoop*@*ail.com)

It’s give freedom to express yourself, feel the freedom of mans biggest want since the discovery of fire. To be a bird. Having such restrictions will do nothing to the current safety it will do

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Curtis Olson (olso*@*umn.edu)

I think it is fair to add regulation for FPV flying and for aircraft capable of fully autonomous route following. These allow us to fly our aircraft way beyond safe line of site and there

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Scott S (noma*@*ail.com)

The lobbyists against drones started with helicopter pilots who see them as a threat to their jobs. A drone flying at 400 feet that’s not around a runway is no threat to any aircraft. Drones

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This is a great hobby that promotes community. The new requirements will pretty much end the opportunity for me and many in my region.

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Jack Sheller (jerz*@*ail.com)

I am retired, living in a motorhome with limited space and funds. I belong to a club in Florida and fly at our field when I am there. While traveling, I sometimes ask the park

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As a senior citizen who has flown models for almost 50 years, my remaining flying time may be limited because of age and ability. Please let me enjoy the hobby as I have for the

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Marc (marc*@*ail.com)

If not for easy access to the model aircraft when I was young I wouldnt currently be pursuing a career aerospace engineering. Involvement in this hobby has given me useful knowledge and insight to the

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The technical engineering of RC aircraft is often more enjoyable for me, having a hobby where I can work through technical problems in an enjoyable way rather than at work recharges my productivity.

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Rob Jahnke (rcja*@*ail.com)

I have been flying model airplanes for over 60 years. I own more than 100 model airplanes weighing less than 5 lb. Model aviation has been a great recreational activity and educational experience for me.

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