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Jim Pugh (syjp*@*ink.net)

I have been a modeler and flyer for years, enjoy the hobby and flying without a bunch of restrictions. What the Feds seem to be doing is taking away our freedom to fly away from

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Roger Smith (rcsm*@*ast.net)

Been flying at our local club and other club fun flys for over 30 years, without any problems what so ever. Why should I be restricted because the FAA can’t separate model plane enthusiasts from

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Its better than smoking crack. which would you all rather me do? really….. some ppl use this hobby as a way to escape stuff like that…. I DO!

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Mickey Brown (mick*@*ail.com)

Flying has not only helped me to find who I am and to enjoy this planet through a different perspective. I love flying and have always wondered how it would be to fly the sky’s

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Flying is a big part of my life. I fly with my friends, my kids, and yes even by myself. As a disabled vet. it’s one of the few things that I can go do

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Marc Lacativa (rb26*@*ail.com)

My little brother died in April, causing me to become massively depressed. Many days I can’t even fight hard enough to even get out of bed. I dropped out of the hobby in the wake

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johnny pearce (john*@*hoo.com)

after retiring from work and also giving up my ppl i find model airplanes are getting to be my only hobby.. i also feel that the proposed restrictions will do little to keep the bad

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Don Kargo (donk*@*ast.net)

I have been flying radio control for 50 years. Part of my fabric. Love my hobby. Incredibly safe hobby. Love building and flying. Always in a safe manner. Proud member of AMA, and local model

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