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Monte Dudgeon (mont*@*

I stared my drone business the day I took the FAA Part 107 exam almost 3.5 years ago. Flying drones IS my life now and so many of these proposed regulations (if not changed) would

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Glenn (mgbe*@*

I have been flying control line since 1968 and flying RC since 1983. This caused me to go on and get my private pilots license and work in the aerospace industry designing sensors for commercial

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Flying matters because it’s how me and my daughter are just that father and daughter it brings us closer it’s a way for me to relax from the crap in the world I fly for

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Bob Zwick (Noma*@*

I would like to allow my child to learn the cutting edge of modern technology Drone services will be a cutting edge tech for some time to come My life was charged by an understanding

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This is my only hobby. I be flown rc aircraft and/or raced rc cars since 1977. These rules will not allow me to continue the pursue my hobby goals. The misdeeds of a few individuals

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I’ve been flying for 40 years. This hobby is very important to me. It’s one the the main things I do in my free time. I think Remote ID is important but should be easy

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Nik M (nikl*@*

Part 107 pilot. Aerospace undergrad. PhD student in CS (AI). I would not have chosen my career path without the hobby. I’ve been in love with planes and rc since I was a kid. I’ve

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Tobias Michel (tobi*@*

I just started to fly again after I used to fly as a teenager. This hobby was a great learning experience when I was young and shaped experiences for live. I have two little kids

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In my area, a rc store that has been around for 53yr, mostly selling planes, almost closed down, because of restrictions. Most large hobby store are closed now, only mom and pop style hobby stores

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