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Matt (matt*@*ail.com)

I have loved all aspects of flight since I was a child. Now as a Hobbyist, I can enjoy my love of flight and share it with my 3 children. This hobby brings people together,

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I’m a high school teacher working to teach my students the design and engineering process through model aviation. This regulation shuts down my entire program.

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Giancarlo Da Cunha (gian*@*ail.com)

the Minister of Transportation on Canada uses the same rules as FAA, so whatever is happening south of the border will have impact here. This new regulations for sure is proposed for people who never

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John Vos (jvsh*@*ast.net)

I started flying full scale aircraft when I was 15 years old. My High school offered ground school and aviation weather as science credits so I took advantage of that, and worked summers to get

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Joe Bellin (jose*@*bal.net)

The thrill of building your own plane and launching it in the air for the first successful controlled flight is like no other. This could be a plane made from a couple of cheap pieces

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Ron Baisden (rona*@*hoo.com)

Flying is a great hobby to help students learn about engineering and sciences. These restrictions could limit the outreach and accessibility afforded these students.

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Mike Petersen (pete*@*hoo.com)

This is a hobby for my son and I to enjoy. We build the aircraft fly them and wreck them. Then fix them fly them and not wreck them as much if possible. Registering all

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Robert Bixler (bljg*@*bal.net)

I fly for recreation. I find it enjoyable and relaxing. I also see value from the standpoint of education, especially STEM programs that utilize aviation or something associated with aviation.

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