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Scott (airt*@*hoo.com)

I have been an avid modeler for approximately 45 years and have rarely seen cases of injury cause harm to other bystanders except on the occasion when proper risk assessment was not followed. For the

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Jason Gibson (jaso*@*n99.com)

Flying is a much cheaper and safer hobby than auto racing, but has almost the same type of camradery, willingness to help/teach, etc. “Here, fly my quad, try my goggles/radio/etc and see what you think”

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It’s fun. It’s already been safe for 80 years. Don’t regulate it the majority because if the small minority who wouldn’t follow any regulations anyway.

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Jay McKibben (mcki*@*ail.com)

I founded Dallas Drone Racing. I chartered our club with the AMA, we have had a partnership with the City of Carrollton for over 4 years now and have NEVER had a mishap or issue.

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It’s a hobby I’ve been enjoying for 15 years. I operate in a safe manner and have never had an issue with the safety of others or the property of others.

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Chase Ashton (chas*@*ads.com)

I run a business that helps with education at the college level getting kids excited about FPV and UAV technology. We also sell kits and help people learn. We are seeing a lot of fear

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John Wieland (john*@*ail.com)

I primarily fly helicopters at my local park. I have personally gotten 2 members of the community involved with the hobby through discussions of the equipment and flight demonstrations. I have a good relationship with

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Jim McCoy (jlmc*@*ail.com)

Flying allows me an opportunity to recreate and free my mind from the day to day stresses we all encounter. I equate flying to that of ridding a motorcycle but with out the grave consequences

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Bob (bluv*@*ail.com)

Flying RC planes now for 20 years has built great bonds with fellow members of the hobby. It has given me the understanding why a AMA approved field/community based field is important to ensure the

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