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Main concerns are: -400ft ‘dome’: impossible to observe this rule. Our runway is 200ft already. – no kit/scratch built planes possible->death of the hobby

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Valentin Bersier (vber*@*

FPV Racing has become a sport of its own, but unfortunately, infrastructure to practice this sport has yet to be created. In the absence of official training grounds, all of us rely on public spaces,

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Bill Hargreaves (bhar*@*

##### I have been flying Radio Controlled models since the late sixties…Most of the people that I have encountered over the years are level headed safety conscious individuals who do not have to be “Policed”

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Paul Uzzi (pkuz*@*

I fly for 2 reasons. First, I enjoy the challenge of designing and building an original aircraft to fly around my personal property. I own multiple acres that I fly on and my flight has

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Daniel Wright (wrig*@*

I got my first job to fund my airplane hobby. I have been participating in this hobby for 30 years. I designed my own models from the start. I have an Aeronautical Engineering degree, worked

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It’s an outdoor activity which I can do together with my son and with friends. One of the greatest feeling is flying free like a bird. It’s a great way to drive all the stress

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Stephen Bird (step*@*

40 year veteran LOS flyer of traditional fixed wing aircraft of all sizes and power. Help and train newcomers to the hobby. Established flying sites should be exempt from remote ID.

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Please don’t mess with my hobby!! Section 349 specifies EXEMPTIONS for hobbyist aircraft. The FAA should not bow to commercial drone interests at the expense of the hobbyists. The NPRM very unfairly targets traditional fixed

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Daniel (dani*@*

Flying quads is a good break from school to be able to fly a qaud fpv around your farm and up your hills is great and it’s even better racing with others when you don’t

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