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Robert Seif (rwse*@*

I am a former Naval Aviator and Naval Flight Instructor. I did two tours flying A-6E Intruders from the Kitty Hawk and Nimitz around the time where the USS Stark was hit by an Iraqi

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Charles Leak (sand*@*

I am a retired person on a fixed income. If the complexity and costs of flying RC increase very much I will not be able to enjoy the RC hobby. I have been interested in

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Todd Minichino (tm.m*@*

I have been a modeler for 53 years, my father taught me and his father taught him. I am teaching my son now. Four generations of hobbyists, spending quality time together, dreaming of piloting our

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Mike Downey (mdow*@*

I am a beginner (new comer) in the recreational RC hobby. I currently have an Apprentice STS from Hobbyzone, that my wife bought me for Christmas. I have always been an enthusiast. that enjoys building

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Erik Richard (erik*@*

I have been actively involved in model aviation for 50 years and have been a continuous member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) for 47 years. Over the last four decades I have flown

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Steve S (RedE*@*

My story starts back when I was 5 or 6 years old watching a PT-17 dusting the corn fields next to the house. I took my first introductory plane ride at 9 years old in

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DAVID BACON (dbac*@*

Family bonding, teaches patience, building and flying skills. Experience accomplishment, develop communication skills, appreciate discipline and safety procedures.

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I use my UAV responsibly and in compliance with every regulation the FAA currently has issued. My use is mostly hobbyist in nature in photography and videography of remote locations where I travel. In almost

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None of the new regulations will add safety to the airspace, they will just add undue hardship on the RC flying public.

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