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Jake (czec*@*ail.com)

Park flyer planes and helicopters have posed no threats and need direct line of sight to fly, Drones with extended range and gps / FPV should be the only aircraft that need programming to not

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Darrell Gibson (bear*@*ail.com)

To me it’s just a hobby. I think those with the fpv and autonomous should be accountable for their actions, I can see where in some instances there needs to be a way to ID

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Tyler Campana (camp*@*ail.com)

I got into RC cars when I was extremely young (5-6yrs) and fell in love with the mechanics of these tiny machines. This love developed into the passion for flying RC in all fields (scratch

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John (m0t0*@*ail.com)

The ability to see and photograph wonderful nature locations from angles unobtainable w/o a drone are what drew me to the drones. I mostly fly where there is no cellular or other digital signals (albeit

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Brian (bria*@*ail.com)

5 years ago i was very active person but had a sudden major health scare which meant i was unable to do physical high risk hobbies like mountain biking full contact martial arts. I had

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I have always been interested in aviation. I got my Private Pilot license in 1973 and later became Commercially rated and also a Flight instructor and enjoyed working with others to achieve their dream of

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Niclas Öberg (nicl*@*con.com)

I have been flying model airplanes since the 80’s Started with Gas but moved over to electric. Nowadays the technology is so good I see no need for gas any more. The new regulations are

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Bob Heil (rbhe*@*ail.com)

I actually enjoy the designing, building, and innovation part the best. Yes I enjoy flying too, and to me its a visual thing of seeing my model fly and perform. Which also means I’m probably

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