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Wade Woolwine (wade*@*

Outside of the thrill and freedom experienced while flying FPV, this hobby is responsible for instilling so much knowledge about electronics, physics, and troubleshooting. There’s the community aspect of like minded people coming together to

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Milot Morina (mori*@*

I love flying my crafts! It for recreational purposes as my job is very time consuming and stressful. I love to have a different point of view and to see at least 1 time a

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PepeMiguel (pmse*@*

It’s a new way of filming, editing, flying a little camera everywhere we want like a bird to see the world in a different point of view…….it’s an act of freedom, regulations for fpv will

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Christopher West (chri*@*

To Team Flight Test, I follow Flight Test regularly and noted your video, reference FAA and regulations. I also note the RC Geek and RC Informer also weighing in. That’s three power houses in the

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I spend hours building. I almost enjoy building more than flying. However to ground innovation because of remote id requirements is 2 steps backwars..

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FPV has gotten me out of the house and helped a lot with my mental health. I have made lots of friends through flying RC quadcopters and am worried that the hobby will become too

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