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Milot Morina (mori*@*ail.com)

I love flying my crafts! It for recreational purposes as my job is very time consuming and stressful. I love to have a different point of view and to see at least 1 time a

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PepeMiguel (pmse*@*ail.com)

It’s a new way of filming, editing, flying a little camera everywhere we want like a bird to see the world in a different point of view…….it’s an act of freedom, regulations for fpv will

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Christopher West (chri*@*.com.au)

To Team Flight Test, I follow Flight Test regularly and noted your video, reference FAA and regulations. I also note the RC Geek and RC Informer also weighing in. That’s three power houses in the

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I spend hours building. I almost enjoy building more than flying. However to ground innovation because of remote id requirements is 2 steps backwars..

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FPV has gotten me out of the house and helped a lot with my mental health. I have made lots of friends through flying RC quadcopters and am worried that the hobby will become too

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Toby Muirson (Muir*@*.net.au)

Flying makes me feel free. I feel locations in the metro area that pose a threat to aircrafts should be addressed, however most pilots fly well below those flight paths. Going long range though I

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It’s a hobby, something people do to relieve stress. Some people like to come home after a long day and have a beer, I prefer to fly a pack or two to unwind.

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