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Chris Savaiano (aero*@*ail.com)

I’m a recreational FPV drone pilot, using self built drones to responsibly enjoy the hobby. I have also gone through private pilot training, resulting in a private pilots license, and understand the safety and complexity

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JGP (juli*@*ail.com)

Everyone flying should see where others are flying (both model as well as commercial aviation, both models and maned aircraft) but if you aren’t flying or are a third party (not including the government) shouldn’t

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Bob Rowand (camo*@*msn.com)

It’s a passionately loved hobby and interest shared with friends and family. Quality time, great memories, and meeting of new acquaintances are just a few benefits that are going to be cut off or greatly

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Kyle H (kyle*@*ail.com)

I’ve been in the hobby for over 20 years and has truly helped make me who I am today. I’ve been an ama member and flown at fields. I’ve also flown in rural areas and

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Ed Ricker (edri*@*ive.com)

My local drone flying community is really the first community I can recall ever joining in recent years. I usually keep to myself as a loner, but drones flying has allowed me to connect with

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I learned from scratch at 17 years old trying to stay away from drugs and now i live a happy life with fpv, and it gets me the feelings i need to survive, i learn

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Alex Sink (alex*@*@me.com)

A few years ago my Son and I were injured pretty badly in accident at the very beginning of what was his summer vacation from school. It left me out of work for months, and

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Troy Cook (cook*@*ail.com)

My dad took me flying, I took my son flying, and Now my first grandchild is of age to learn. And it sounds like it wont be an option to build an aircraft on the

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