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Zac (zach*@*

Rc flight has literally saved my life and I know there are others who feel the same. To destroy something so important to so many people seemingly only so Amazon can have thousands of quads

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Since several years, I’m flying almost exclusively recreational FPV free-style / acrobatic drones. It is most interesting to me to fly in areas without any uninvolved people nearby and with some sort of ground-based structures

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Josh A. (jasp*@*

Flying RC Airplanes has been my life all I think about dream about and what I enjoy most in life. As an instructor with 31 out of my 41 years on this planet there is

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Julien Eon (juli*@*

I fly fpv quadcopters because it is super fun, interesting, and I’ve learned lots of things in the process. I fly in forets spots, parks, abandonned buildings, always choose not to fly in a spot

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I fly 99% fixed wing on my own three acres of ground. I fly line of sight and not over people houses or near buildings or nothing more dangerous then trees. None of this has

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Achim Berend (*@*

I am a motor glider and sailplane Pilot and also love to fly RC models. I love to introduce my kids into flying, building and problem solving. I.connect with people via the Hobby and have

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