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Mike Petersen (pete*@*

This is a hobby for my son and I to enjoy. We build the aircraft fly them and wreck them. Then fix them fly them and not wreck them as much if possible. Registering all

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Robert Bixler (bljg*@*

I fly for recreation. I find it enjoyable and relaxing. I also see value from the standpoint of education, especially STEM programs that utilize aviation or something associated with aviation.

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Austin H (a4tw*@*

Flying is relaxing to me. I used to fly as a kid and started back up as the hobby became cheaper after my family has grown. I’ve taught my kids to fly and my grandson

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Hyper (hype*@*

The hobby just has a community I’ve never seen elsewhere. Such healthy competition and drive in everyone I’ve competed with makes it the ideal hobby for competing and just enjoying the thrill of flying.

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Margaret Whitaker (mwhi*@*

I am starring a new course at my high school to teach students about aviation and aerospace which includes operating drones. These regulations could potentially price us out of the market entirely, denying my students

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Brenton Bauer (bren*@*

I’ve been flying for years. I actually graduated collage with a degree in UAS and Drone technology. During my studies, I saw a Flite Test episode about foamboard planes and I was inspired to build

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Bob Severance (rsev*@*

I have enjoyed learning to build many disciplines of model aircraft and flying in a safe manner. I do not think the new FAA requirements will help me in any of that. However, I believe

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I enjoy building and flying. Both ready built planes, kit planes and planes from plans. I’m over 60 and headed for retirement and this renewal of my love for a hobby that began for me

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Jim Vincent (gapa*@*

I’ve been flying for 40 years, also full size rated commercial pilot. 400′ limit would strangle the fun of flying sailplanes. Stop selling drones to everyone. In the past, know-how and effort were a barrier

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Sam (saml*@*

Flying is a freedom for me. With a space large enough, and permission from the land owner, I can practically make any place a playground in the sky. I started flying four and a half

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