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Richard G. (rg20*@*hoo.com)

Fpv quadcopter flight is fun, educational and safe. There have been no major accidents or deaths due to this hobby. We need to expand and educate rather than restrict and destroy a hobby that has

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Robert Courtens (robe*@*ail.com)

I love flying. I mostly fly in empty athletic fields. 90% of my flying is done alone. I love the r/c community, but clubs and designated fields don’t appeal to me on most days. There’s

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Prohibition of alcohol, which kills more people than anything, failed. This is strong armed government. This is not necessary, unless you fit to gain financially by being a supplier of a new government regulation. The

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Been flying 7 years have my own runway on private property own 50 plus aircraft.if proposed changes are made my 5000 dollars worth of planes instantly become wortless cant sell them cause noone can fly

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Aaron Huss (styl*@*hoo.com)

For me it’s stress relief. I can go fly and not worry about work or family issues. I spend more time building and modifying my crafts than actually flying them. I have learned so much

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Tony Silvia (tony*@*ail.com)

Hi my name is Tony, these new proposed regulations are rediculous I’ve been in this hobby for 15years flying line of site with rc aircraft “not drones” the 2 are very different 100% of rc

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Sebastian Venegas (seba*@*oud.com)

My name is Sebastian Venegas, I’m 23 years old and began flying ultra micro airplanes since I was 14. This hobby ignited my passion for flight and engineering. As of today I have gotten my

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