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it’s fun and educational, it’d be stupid to restrict it because there have been no reasons to show that it is unsafe.

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Marco Garcia (bust*@*ail.com)

I fly mostly micros under 50g, the main reason we fly these little crafts is because of all the regulations we already deal with on a daily basis. Any addition equipment on these little crafts

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Nathan (nath*@*low.com)

Flying matters to me since it can bring people together have have a good time flying micros drone outsides with my friends to flying racing light drones with the more experienced. Basically flying especially drones

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Michael Curtis (mich*@*ail.com)

This hobby is the culmination of all of my interests. It touches on Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Programming, and Flight. Crippling this hobby would just cripple the creativity of current and future generations. The regulatory costs

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John (skit*@*ail.com)

Long story short, My son and I love to fly FPV. We enjoy the time we spend together building, testing, flying. And meeting up with other people in the area. Its a great community.

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It has been a lifelong dream of mine to be able to fly planes. A medical condition keeps me from ever being able to fly a full size plane on my own. I have always

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I’m a retired mechanical engineer who has taken up aerial photography. My flying camera drone has captured many beautiful locations over the last 3 years. I create UHD videos for my own enjoyment, enjoyment by

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I’ve been flying model aircraft since I was a child. I quit once the registration requirement was put in effect. I will not pay for the privilege of being placed on a public registration list

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Flying is in my blood. But since flying real airplanes is super costly flying FPV is the next best thing. It is an outlet for having fun but its also very educational. I teach a

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