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Shane Dugger (dugg*@*

Safety is my number one concern. I mostly fly at a public park, when i fly I stay safe, my pilot location is at the entrance to the park. If I hear anyone approach the

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Jim (jim.*@*

Flying has been a matter learning new skills and having this sense of freedom to show to the world. Being able to see things from a different point of view and to part take in

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Bob Folline (bobf*@*

My flying fields are mostly either designated fields or unpopulated areas. As a private pilot I could fly an aircraft here without radios so why should they be required for RC models. At Maximum the

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I like to build more then fly as I’m still learning.I do enjoy flying on my own property without restrictions.These new laws will just put a burden on or small community.As commercial drone get away

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Ruben Rios (rube*@*

Flying matters to me because I found it to be an effective therapy for depression, anxiety and even pain. FPV gives me disassociation from my physical body and provides a sense of true freedom. The

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As a airline pilot model aircraft played a big roll in my choice of career at a early age. Now my son and I build and fly fpv quadcopters and airplanes. If these FAA proposals

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