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Mark Eggert (megg*@*bal.net)

I am in a wheelchair. At age 58 I discovered this hobby. FPV flying has given me the experience of freedom I had never had before. When coupled with the design and technical aspects of

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Efthimis Salepis (sale*@*ail.com)

I always loved RC not only flying 3D helicopters/drones and some planes but also cars. I always admired and was very interested in the PHYSICS of those things and people who never saw such things

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Criminals can be punished when they break existing laws. This remote ID stuff is putting the cart before the horse and will not stop criminals from criminal behavior – no – it is only stifling

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Clark Hulce (CLAR*@*AST.NET)

I am a recretional pilot and am concerned as to the impact the proposed remote ID requirements would have on my hobby without any corrresponding benifits to those of us who fly “line of sight”

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Phillip Reddin (fall*@*ail.com)

Flying changed my life, and it is now how I make create my financial income. I fly drones, and I think its a great way to educate future generations in and out of the STEM

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Keith Mansfield (kamc*@*uth.net)

I have been flying traditional model airplanes, control line, since the 1950’s, and radio controlled since the late 1960’s. I built the majority of my planes from kits requiring careful and accurate construction techniques. In

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DAVE HILLS (dhu4*@*ail.com)

I am retired R.R.worker, and i think it is very important to keep Busy physically and mentally. Being involved in this hobby does that for me. It gets me out, It gets me to learn

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Brandon Spence (usn.*@*ail.com)

Flying has dramatically changed my life, I’ve made som many good friends, quality honest people, helped me when I was depressed, and gave me something to look forward to on my free time as well

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This is an integral technology for the future. If it is regulated in this way it will put the entirety of the future in the hands of the few, slowing innovation and making the US

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Skip Fredricks (s.fr*@*hoo.com)

I teach at 4 universities, Drones have opened up a list of opportunities that just a short time ago were not available to at risk or financially distressed students. The Remote ID kills that, and

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It goes back to watching planes and boats when I was small with my Dad. This is 50 years ago and it has been a constant journey of restriction in all levels of life. It

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