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J Fpv (jsca*@*ail.com)

Well I got into fpv Aug 2018. I’m a auto technician i have been for12 years) I fly FPV the rush and I like building things I have never had a hobby that I was

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Edward Morfiris (emor*@*ail.com)

I started flying and building planes with my dad. I am currently trying to get my son in to flying too. Flying planes had given my life a new meaning. I know people that have

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Charles Franklin (Fran*@*uth.net)

This is one of the things I enjoy in my retirement. I put safety first in my hobby. Living on Social Security limits my involvement in this hobby and any additional expense would end it

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Flyng Rc has help round out my life .It’s helped me to gain The confidence to take on all challenges that face in life this comunity has showed me how to understand build and diagnose

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My son and I have flown RC aircraft together for at least a decade. Where we live in GA, there are no club fields available unless we travel almost 3 hours. That would essentially kill

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William Thielman (will*@*hoo.com)

I have been flying for my entire life. This has been the hobby that three generations of my family have bonded over. I’m concerned since we fly at our own private flying field that location

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John DuBois (rcjo*@*hoo.com)

I have always had an interest in flight. From a early age I wanted to learn to fly. I also realized that I get motion sickness from even from a swingset. As a teen I

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Ben Ellebrecht (ben5*@*bal.net)

One of the earliest memories I have of flying came from when I was in something like the third grade. I had saved money up from my birthday and allowance from doing chores to buy

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Louis Pickvet (pick*@*ast.net)

My only hobby for the last 45 years. My first radio was a Heathkit. Extreme regulations would possibly end a truly enjoyable and affordable way to fly aircraft. I have recently built two different Flite

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