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, Florida

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2020-02-15 20:35:52
“I grew up building and flying balsa planes with my dad. We even spent a year building a RC plane, but never were able to get it in the sky. A few years ago I saw a video on how you could make an RC plane out of dollar store materials. I tried it and I was hooked. The materials were so cheap you could make new things easily, and modify them with your own crazy ideas. My spark ignited my 75 year old Navy veteran father as well, and he’s bought his own BNF planes. I showed my nephew how to build a plane from virtually nothing and he’s into it now too. We fly together and share experiences, and they’ve met whole new groups of friends while flying, as have I. It has created even more bonds than I think my dad anticipated when he introduced me to model aviation. I’ve shared designs with new friends and learned from their discoveries as well. I agree that there needs to be a system for allowing pilots and autonomous vehicles to be able to fly BVLOS both commercially and recreationally. I don’t mind putting my registration number on every UAV I build. I have no problem with using an app to declare my intention to fly in a certain area. My information can be public as well. What I don’t agree with is requiring every craft I build to have its own registration. I build too many, crash, and replace them with something different. I can not provide remote ID from my home built models, and the equipment to do so would likely cost more than the entire model cost. I can not fly at the nearest controlled field, it is just too far and the freedom to fly at parks in my neighborhood allow me to fly when it fits my schedule, and I don’t have to make a day of it. As it stands now, this legislation looks to put an end to this passion. Nothing I own can be compliant. Nothing I build will be able to take to the sky. My journey in aviation comes to an end and it becomes something only businesses and those who can afford expensive compliant devices can enjoy.”