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Shaphan Bates (shap*@*ail.com)

RC flying is a stress relief for me! I’ve been in the hoppy for almost 5 years! I love creating new planes and making them fly! I want to be an aeronautical engineer! Flite Test

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Jeff Garrison (east*@*ive.com)

Flying is a passion and hobby that allows me relax, and clear my mind of the day to day repetitive grind. I have always wanted to be a pilot and this hobby allows me the

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JT (jthu*@*ail.com)

The people who abide by the laws and fly responsibly are not the problem. Increasing regulation on those responsible people will have no affect on the current issues of careless and reckless pilots.

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I personally support this initiative the hobby has gotten out of hand and very few people respect peoples privacy or safety over having a fun time. I am appalled by the fact that i am

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Everything about this sounds like a bad idea. Extra equipment means more points of failure, more weight, requiring more power, and more battery, which again means more weight, and more power, and more battery. My

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