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Thomas Lockwood (jloc*@*

I got into flying full scale because of flying rc. There is already a pilot shortage in the airline industry and people know less and less about how an airplane works. They take it for

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Kenneth (shad*@*

My grandpa got me into flying 12 years ago. I held my love for the hobby since then. I enjoy working, fixing and sometimes even just staring at my rc aircraft. My home life isn’t

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Tim Johnson (hiwi*@*

I live in Australia, but I am concerned about these regulations as USA law tends to transfer / be used as precedent by our jurisdiction. I have 32 models and paying to register each one

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M. R. (mark*@*

For my family this is the one hobby we all partake in together. We all fly FPV from Micro sub 150g up to 950g quadcopters. In total we have built from scratch together over 15

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Steve W (Wilk*@*

Although, Remote ID is a good Idea for large commercial drones carrying payloads and operating non line of sight or autonomously, I do not agree that my three LB (my largest) foam model aircraft or

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I’ve been flying rc most of my life and this is a blatant infringement on my right to fly and use the usa airspace like ive been my hole life with no incident and for

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Brandon Overby (bran*@*

I started flying FPV in 2017. I had never flown any type of RC craft before, but I knew when I saw the first videos of people remotely piloting these drones that I had to

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Dane Martin (trea*@*

I have been flying radio controlled or free flight aircraft since I was a kid. My father didn’t know much about the building techniques, but would go out of his way to support my desire

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Phillip Andrew (jedi*@*

Flying has connected me to my Dad. He and I have always had remote control hobbies in common. With the Advent of FPV multirotor drones, he and I have something that we can do and

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Ronald Boatright (ronb*@*

Multi rotor craft are drones. Model airplanes are not drones. Autonomous flight BVLOS is where the problems are and should be regulated. Its like playing Football and Soccer buy the same rules simply because both

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Bob Hunter (bobh*@*

When I was a kid, my father was stationed overseas for over a year in the USMC. My fondest memory from my childhood was my father coming home after a year and together we built

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