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Hugh Chalmers (hugh*@*ean.com)

I’m a member of AMA and a local club we fly at one field almost exclusively in a very rural area I’m also a private pilot so Flying is something that I enjoy whether it’s

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I’d like to teach my child scratch building. These be regulations would make it to expensive, limit flying locations,

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Cordeiro Joe (carm*@*ahoo.ca)

Hello, This hobby to myself is an activity I enjoy with friends and my kids that getting old enough to enjoy flying and the outdoors and great to keep them off tablets and other social

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Michael Gilman (mgil*@*hoo.com)

My concerns with these proposals are that people new to the hobby could be priced out before they have the opportunity to get into model aviation and that compliance will be such a burden it

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I have been extremely interested in the hobby for rc vehicles. I started watching flite test videos and random YouTube videos on many different vehicles but I found a special interest in quadcopters. I remember

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I’ve been involved with fixed wing line of sight model aviation since 1966. I have enjoyed the challenges of building, setting up and learning new manuevers through the years. While I have been amazed by

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Doc Kludge (doc.*@*ail.com)

I’m a FPV freestyle pilot, flying it’s my way to be free, to relax my mind and a power excuse to study always something new, to explore new technologies. I started to fly small helicopters

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Allen Weaver (alwe*@*ail.com)

I’ve been flying model aircraft and FPV drones for 4 years now–without a single accident. My father introduced me to flight, primarily due to his mechanical background (he’s an auto mechanic of 50+ years) and

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Gregory Primus (gjp5*@*ail.com)

Something out of my comment to the NPRM. Just like with manned aircraft someone flying a $50 scratch-built aircraft should be in a different category than a $5,000 DJI hexacopter. Different rules could be made

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Quinn (quin*@*oud.com)

I am soon building my first FPV quadcopter and I would be so upset it after building it I could only fly it in certain locations. I am on a very tight budget so buying

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