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active cell signal to fly: 1 as a professional photographer the web log in during and or current flight… not good. there are some properties I have poor & or no signal. How do I

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Don Feipel (dpfe*@*msn.com)

I am a beginner to the hobby that can already be cost prohibited for some. It appears to me that dones seem to be what I see on the news and I have no experience

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I starded flying because I enjoyed to see the world like a bird. 10 years later, the use of multirotors, planes, multirotor uav, uav planes, manned planes and other data sources as satellites are part

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I’ve been in and out of the hobby for several years. Finding suitable locations for FPV flight has already been challenging due to my work requiring me to live near FAA restricted zones. Further regulation

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J W Bruwer (leeu*@*ail.com)

To me it is a hobby with which I can relax and have fun with like minded individuals. It is also my connection to flight and my test bed for ideas and modifications to an

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Chris Ridgell (crid*@*ail.com)

After being a firefighter and law enforcement officer for over 20 years, I am left with a lot of emotional baggage that accompanies the experiences of said professions. While my doctors have prescribed all kinds

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Rocky Tyson (rock*@*ail.com)

I fly fpv drones mostly 5″ 650g and under. This is my hobby, my pass time, my passion, my drive to excel at work so I can pay for that new motor or flight controller

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Flying is a fun, inexpensive, family activity. Additional regulation will make it next to impossible to continue with the hobby.

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Golden Eagle (noth*@*ate.com)

Hobbyist brought this technology to fruition, why should they now be negatively impacted by the same governance that chooses to use this same tech for national security and war? Limiting hobbyists and experiment will discourage

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Sam Pond (samw*@*ail.com)

I have been a recreational model aircraft pilot for over six years. I was able to get into this hobby with the help of Flite Test and other enthusiasts who share their knowledge online, and

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