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Tall Tree (wrec*@*ail.com)

Fpv has saved lives .it has also brought them together. It has given many people who dont have family , family. People to call upon in life, friends , brothers , sisters, who you would

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Aaron Brooks (badm*@*hoo.com)

Fpv is the ultimate freedom of flight without the risk of life. It’s an unbelievable technology that will catalyze the development and stimulate our future engineers, designers, and artists. “We were lucky enough to grow

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Dallas Rodier (drod*@*ail.com)

The new regulations are great from a commercial aspect and are unattainable from the hobby side. There will be no one to enforce regulations and the current companies that produce components won’t comply to these

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Flying is a way for me to relax, spend time with my brother and friends, be a part of a community. From daily races at our local field, to weekend trips, international competitions – flying

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I fly to get away and escape, I fly for fun and to create creative flying videos for myself. Governmental interference will likely be ignored by me and others, good luck enforcing it. ?

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Mickey Edmonds (nerd*@*ail.com)

I’m a United States Marine Corps veteran. I served as an infantryman. When i left the Marines I was homeless and had no direction and I was losing my friends to suicide almost monthly. I

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Aaron Dronzen (Aaro*@*hoo.com)

I’m 39yrs old, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I discovered FPV drones a little.over 2 years ago. Prior to this hobby I never built a thing electronic, never soldered never even had a RC

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Josh Parrish (reco*@*ail.com)

Part of local Stem program on electronics and aviation also love the freedom of the hobby, which also helps my depression and ability to make friends, plus meeting new good people.

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