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Larry Paine (lpai*@*oro.net)

Began flying in the 1990’s in San Diego with a trainer airplane. Crashed because my trainer pilot didn’t pay attention. I rebuilt a new trainer but didn’t finish due to a job move. I am

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I’m a commercial part 91 & 135 fixed wing pilot as well as a drone hobbyist/ commercial 107 pilot.. these rules are beyond over bearing and will pretty much render any hobby fixed wing, heli

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I love to build, love to fly, and pride myself in several precautions to make certain I am safe, having a great time and make sure no one is in the way of harm. Adding

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Mark Spatz (spat*@*hoo.com)

My name is Mark Spatz, P.E.. I’m a licensed Engineer in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I take issue to the NPRM as it stands. It will kill off the RC model enthusiast hobby

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J C (cjcc*@*hoo.com)

I am an engineer and someone who has always loved flight. In college my senior design project delt with model aircraft and quad copters. Ever since then I have enjoyed building and flying quads and

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Mike Chin (mike*@*ail.com)

I came into this hobby as someone who had 0 experience with rc at 26 years old. I learned every single thing I possibly could as quickly as my brain would take it in. I’ve

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James (jame*@*ail.com)

The feeling of flying, problem solving technical issues, community, building things from the ground up and seeing them work, tinkering, STEM interest, flying with individuals who wouldn’t be able to participate in other events, and

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Paul Hughes (paul*@*@me.com)

Flying has been one of the only things that calms my anxieties and stresses in life. It has given me a first class education in electrical engineering, programming, physics, and manufacturing/building skills. Beyond amazement and

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John Larson (jlar*@*hoo.com)

I’m a Navy vet, grandfather getting close to retirement. I’ve dreamed of flying like a bird. FPV flying is like dream come true. It takes an amazing amount of time and dedication to truly succeed

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I have an illness that prevents me from participating in sports work and regular life challenges. It has got so bad that Flying is the least punishing to my body. Eventually, I won’t be able

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