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John Cagle (John*@*hoo.Com)

One of the things that bring happiness into my life is building, modifying and operating radio controlled vehicles and aircraft; It always has. It’s relaxing, therapeutic and indeed educational to myself and it allows me

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Jamie B. (jhbu*@*

Flying matters to me because it is my time to be creative and let all the stress of normal day to day stressors go away. This hobby has given me a reason and a purpose

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DR H (drho*@*

I have been fascinated with airplanes and flying since I was about 9 years old. ( I am now 76). I built my first control line airplane out of balsa and thread to the handle

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Tim Prigg (tpri*@*

My son (now 20) introduced me to scratch building. It was a “re-introduction” to model aviation for me… something wasveryshort lived when I was a child. Chris excitedly told me about this cool you-tube site

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Rick Collins (Rick*@*

I scratch build, or buy unflyable planes and resurrect them. I build light-weight, very light wing-loading fixed wing planes. I do not want to add weight, or compromise flight time for additional electronics. This is

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Dave Fleming (ddfl*@*

I’m a retired Navy and AirLine pilot. This is what got me into an aviation career. I love anything and everything that flies. I’ve helped others get into this fun hobby. I have even had

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Joe Kowalski (jave*@*

A few years ago my son was born, 3 months early. The day we arrived at the E.R. My wife and I were informed of the chances he would have/develop certain disabilities. So far, we’re

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Chuck DeWolfe (cdew*@*

I got into flying a drone at a late age but i was always fascinated with flight. (wanted to be in the air force). my main reason for getting into the hobby was because of

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George Mills (mill*@*

I have been flying R/C Planes and free flight since I was 9 years old. From then every time I drove past a field that looked big I wondered if I could get a plane

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Been doing it for 64 years, both model and full scale. Shame to see it all dissappear because commercial interests want the airspace to deliver Cola and Fries to those who won’t leave their couch.

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