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I am working on a fairly small, custom built aircraft (likely will be 10 lbs). Not done yet. This is my only aircraft. I have limited resources and would be unable to comply with new

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Flying is a fantastic way to unwind and relax while keeping creativity at the forefront. Flying and building is a great way for families to find an activity they can do together and foster a

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I can imagine a sky full of drones both delivery and taxi. Having regulations is going to be required even on the small ones. I do not see how it pays out but I expect

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Jesse (Zeto*@*ail.com)

I am a math and science teacher and design, build and fly both recreationally and with my students. I am concerned that some of the proposed changes may make it impossible to continue allowing my

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Flying is a joy and gives me a place to unwind from every day stress, test newly build aircraft from flight test designs, and my own attempts at design,

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Lisa Lawson (lisa*@*sic.com)

My kids build and fly foam planes instead of playing video games. They have spent countless hours creating foam planes and scratch built drones. They formed a group of friends who consistently build and fly

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pete m (pete*@*arty.us)

I was born in 1975 and have been interested in rockets and aviation for my entire life. Before 1980 remote control had already begun to provide noticeable influence in my life. I have a strong

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Dave Bell (4fro*@*ail.com)

Because I am a retired Senior,my physical and financial abilities are limited.I have a large investment in RC equipment and “AIRPLANES” made during my working years ( seven radios,eighteen flyable airplanes,and six airplane kits yet

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