Bringing Hope to the Hobby

Flite Test Community Association (FTCA) is designed to be the hub where the people identifying with the community can rally together to promote the future of model aviation. Our vision is simple, we want to bring hope for the future of the hobby.
That is why our motto is “Bringing Hope to the Hobby.

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What do I need to establish a FRIA (FAA Recognized Identification Area) for my flying location? Now the answer to this may change in the

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Who are we?

Please also consider taking our survey, which will add numbers to our efforts to advocate for better, safer and more accessible World of Flight, with its innovations and wonders, the exhilaration and joy for both young and old.
Tony Pereira (alph*@*

I'M a 64 year old enjoying this hobby for more than 35 years,whenever I have

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Mckaylund Tuttle (mcka*@*

My name is Mckaylund tuttle and I am a Recreational modeler and I am an

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Warren Payne (snwp*@*

I grew up flying U-control gas, rubber free flight, and hand throw gliders. I have

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