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Gregory Pritchard (gapr*@*one.net)

It’s a hobby I enjoy, and it’s fairly inexpensive. And we in the hobby don’t need the FAA getting involved in making the hobby any more expensive. By imposing more restrictions on us.

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Mike S (mush*@*ail.com)

I got into flying two years ago and it’s been an amazing experience. I started with a cheap amazon toy, and moved almost immediately to FPV and fully custom builds. Locking down manufacturers will kill

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Tyler (crea*@*ail.com)

If the aircraft is within sight it should not require remoteID, if it is to be flown out of sight it should require remoteID or something similar that would be cheap

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Ray (cali*@*ail.com)

I started multirotors about three years ago as a hobby. My first one was a DJI Phantom but this quickly turned into scratch built as this is a major part of the experience. Learning the

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Tyler Matthews (shan*@*bal.net)

I first got into the idea of flying R/C airplanes several years ago. I had always been into the hobby, but I was mostly occupied with multi rotor/RTF stuff. I recently got lots of new

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As an elementary schooler, I first got into RC flight and it has become a part of me. To have yet another policy restrict our freedoms for the sake of “safety” will heavily affect the

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I started flying with my children as many of us have. We bought a very small drone for christmas and were fascinated by the ability of these tiny toys. Since buying our first drones we

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Luke F (luke*@*ail.com)

I was born on the same day that the Wright brothers took flight at Kittyhawk. They were just two brothers who owned a bike shop and dreamed of flight. They worked, and innovated and created

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Abe Harris (Harr*@*ail.com)

I am a low income individual that lives in a rural area. I build most of my own planes because I can’t afford the commercially sold ones. I can barely even afford the electronics for

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david werner (dave*@*hoo.com)

iv been flying rc helicopters and trainers i have a 11-6 wing span b-17g 8-6 long 48 pounds i use it for shows only its never been run i have a b-29 superfortrees 11-6 wingspan

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