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James Gasper (kine*@*aol.com)

I grew up flying model aircraft front the late 1980’s with my father and all of the mechanical aspects eventually lead me towards a career in the automotive field in which I have opened up

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When our second child was born, my wife suffered from some postpartum depression issues that required me to be home and unable to participate in some of the hobbies in which I used to engage

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I wish everybody could learn how to fly an acrobatic/racing drone with FPV. It’s an amazing almost out of body experience, you are in the cockpit of that drone when you are flying. The places

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Michael Rollins (mich*@*ail.com)

I started flying in 2016. FPV flying quickly became my primary hobby. It led me into other disciplines, such as electronics, photography, videography and video editing. In the intervening years I have helped several local

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Justin Asahan (just*@*ail.com)

Research and development into more high tech and intelligent flying systems in Engineering and STEM. These restrictions and Over reaching remote ID applications into amateur builds impede students involvement as personal projects or university projects

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Anybody may buy a quad or BNF plane on-line or a Walmart type store, no questions asked, no safety rules, no local flying sites notated. Cities often prevent young flyers from using park even though

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Jeremiah Joyce (Jerr*@*ail.com)

Its somthing that I love to do. I fly after work everyday to help relieve stress and escape everyday life. It is also fun racing with our drone group here in Fargo, ND. I dont

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