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Bill Bowne (beag*@*ast.net)

I’ve been flying R/C, continuously, since 1971. In 1975, I married my wife; she learned to fly R/C in 1976 and has been an active flier since then. I was in the USAF 1975-1994; during

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Flying is my escape from the daily work routine. It can be a relaxing past time, enjoyable with family and friends. I fly only line of site, I don’t know how or what remote ID

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My grandfather build model airplanes and it inspired me to learn to fly myself. I was self taught. Nowadays I fly extreme 3D model aircrafts like the Extra and Laser, an old plane my late

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Jim Noel (j_no*@*zon.net)

The love of flight and the sharing of ideas, the mechanics behind it all… and the general fun of the activity makes this Hobby GREAT ! Then add in my two grandsons ages 6 and

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David (east*@*ail.com)

I just see this as the removal of freedom that has been in force for over 100 years, to allow the monetization of lower airspace for pizza delivery and the like.

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Felix Leveille (0226*@*c.qc.ca)

Flying is a way for me to have fun and get away from my troubles in life. Though I want it to stay cheap but with new regulations, it will be harder and more complicated.

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Robert Tyx (robt*@*hoo.com)

I have been flying for 35 years in RC and UAS, way before they were UAS. These regulations effectively kill the hobby aspect and would prevent kids from having fun and having the education I

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Seth Eakin (phre*@*ail.com)

I discovered “FPV Drones/Multirotors” while clicking through Youtube videos one day, seeing this intense looking flying/racing through and around trees… And was instantly intrigued, intimidated, and motivated all at the same time. I started watching

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Flying has been passed down through generations in my family and being a pilot i live near airfields meaning i have to travel elsewhere to fly models anyway. adding more restrictions could well completely stop

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Brad Mitch (tmm9*@*ail.com)

This will stop my kids ability to build his own designs. We will trash all of the equipment and leave the hobby. All we will have left is indoor flying. Amazon and the FAA are

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Phil Myers (pamy*@*nin.net)

It’s just an enjoyable redreation for me. being able to fly fpv and record the flight with video is an added benefit. People who abuse this capability should be held accountable but adding gocernment control

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