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Freedom to enjoy a safe and rewarding hobby with or withour friends at a cst to suit with limited regulations.

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Scot Woolums (scot*@*hoo.com)

I am a full time Helicopter pilot. I work for a helicopter manufacturer as a test pilot. I fly fpv drones and wings for fun on the weekend at an Ama approved flying field. We

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It provides myself a immersive experience to fly with minimal risk and low cost to ownership comparatively to owning and operating a general aviation aircraft. If the FAA provides funding and improvements for FRIA sights,

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Philip (shaw*@*ail.com)

Having built planes as a child which sparked my interest in engineering, i went on to be a contestant for young engineer for Briton, i have a 1st class honors degree in engineering and now

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Martin Warkotsch (mart*@*line.de)

It’s a great hobby. You learn so much about electronics, physics and the world around you. Especially flying FPV provides an experience like no other, soaring free like bird, exploring your surroundings from a different

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David Merchant (ainu*@*ogy.net)

It’s a great hobby. No danger to anyone with simple and reasonable precautions. We do NOT need nor do we want this kind of Draconian/Orwellian interference and mandates in our lives. The FAA already interferes

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Wayne Flower (roto*@*ail.com)

I really do think this will bring an end to the traditional model hobby and make it very hard for people to enter into the nuts and bolts of the hobby. Pre-built aircraft like a

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